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One of the most important constituents of our success is great people. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining extraordinary contributors. A variety of initiatives and programs offer our associates the opportunity to grow and develop their careers, be rewarded and recognized for their efforts. Testimonials are extremly important to us as it provides instant feedback from our clients. Please feel free to leave a comment so we can enhance our services.



- PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING saved me from experiencing bankruptcy and were easy to work with.

Becky C. Toronto


- This email is to give PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING and its staff my profound gratitude for providing me with a loan.

Vanessa R. California


- I was nervous at first doing business with an international company, but the consultants at PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING were top knotch.

Jennifer K. Arizona


- Top class service! My Loan Consultant had  my loan deposited within 12 hours after using a remittance service

Arnold W. Michigan


- I was about to drop out of college, PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING helped me build credit when no one esle would

Nicole S. New Jersey


- PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING has helped me improved my credit rating. I dont know where I would be without them.

Alex M. Florida


- I was about to lose my home but PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING helped me save my families future.

Ronald J. Georgia


- I am grateful to PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING. for giving me this chance, and I shall recommend your service to others. You and the lender have my promise that I shall make the payments on time until completion.

Amanda R. New Jersey


- My consultant was able to relate to my specific issue and found a way to help my case.

Georgia S. Virginia


- Thank you PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance regarding my loan

Helen S. Ohio


- I tried getting a loan with banks and other finance lenders, but there interest was way too high PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING found me a loan which i could actually pay off.

Katie W. Wisconsin


- Its nice to know that my finances are in good hands. I am able to trust the employees at PROVEN CAPITAL LENDING to cater to my specific needs.

Heather C Texas